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World Wide Coin is a decentralized marketplace for providing professional digital assets, resources and services that we believe will be very useful for a large class of service providers/buyers with the power of blockchain. Join this impressive and successful project now and win!




World Wide Coin

Before You Buy

Please do not send BNB from exchange wallets, instead of use any BEP20 supported wallet (i.e TrustWallet, Metamask). If you send through exchange wallet it might cause loss of World Wide Coin (WWC) Token.

Discount Calendar;
1st month of the Pre-sale (Sep 10 - Oct 10) 75% off
2nd month (Oct 11 - Nov 13) 50% off


World Wide Coin

is decentralized marketplace

The intent of World Wide Coin (WWC) token is to create an alternative crypto token for building decentralized marketplace for providing professional digital assets, resources and services that we believe will be very useful for a large class of service providers/buyers. WWC token will be native currency of World Wide Coin marketplace. it will be used to pay services and professional digital assets.



Road Map

2020 - Q4
World Wide Coin ecosystem idea and establishing the core team.
2021 - Q1
Built up the team. Preparing and designing frontend for the marketplace. Starting work on marketplace framework. Preparing the backend as well as the legal and accounting solutions for the token launch.
2021 - Q2
Development and documentation of World Wide Coin marketplace. World Wide Coin marketplace and World Wide Coin (WWC) Token tests started. World Wide Coin proof-of-concept (PoC) started. Advisor Program launched with 10 advisors.
2021 - Q3
Released Whitepaper & Business Whitepaper. World Wide Coin (WWC) website launched. World Wide Coin (WWC) social media accounts created. Activated community Bounty program with 15 bounties and 50.000.000 WWC tokens offered. World Wide Coin (WWC) pre-sale started.
2021 - Q4
Providing Pancakeswap liquidity. ‍Establishing the partnership with exchanges and organizations. Listing World Wide Coin (WWC) Token on major exchanges. Start negotiation with exchange. Start negotiation with Hotbit exchange. Start negotiation with MXC exchange.
2022 - Q1
Airdrop of World Wide Coin (WWC) token. Announcement of the marketplace launching Starting trade on World Wide Coin platform with limited invitation for BETA tests.
2022 - Q2
World Wide Coin marketplace launching. Marketing for getting service providers on the marketplace.

Disclaimer: This roadmap is a first public version and will be continuously updated. This roadmap is in no way legal advice for any other kind of advice, but can help project teams or organizations to consider what oversight they might be under. No rights can be derived from the outcome of this roadmap or other instruments provided. The regulator decides whether the token is regulated.


World Wide Coin App

Coming Soon...



Use Cases


World Wide Coin marketplace will get full benefit of the blockchain to provide a strong service network that eliminates the trust problem between the service providers and buyers

World Wide Coin (WWC) Token

With the power of blockchain, in World Wide Coin marketplace WWC token will be native currency of World Wide Coin marketplace.

Decentralized Marketplace

Buyers can view any seller's services across World Wide Coin decentralized marketplace and confidently pay using smart contracts. Payments will be made and received natively using the World Wide Coin (WWC)

Smart Contracts

Any services listed on World Wide Coin marketplace will use World Wide Coin (WWC) token to pay services and professional digital assets with protection of smart contracts.


Token Distribution

10%WWC Team

20%Liquidity Pool

60%Token Sale Participants

10%Marketing, Airdrop and Giveaway

  • Token name:World Wide Coin
  • Ticker symbol:WWC
Hard cap3.000 BNB
Soft cap1.500 BNB
Start Price After Pre-Sale5M WWC FOR 1BNB
  • Contract Platform:Binance Smart Chain
  • Total WWC supply:
  • Maximum WWC for Sale:
  • Minimum Purchase:0.01 BNB
  • Maximum Purchase:15 BNB
  • 1st Month:75% discount — 1 BNB = 15M WWC
  • 2nd Month:50% discount — 1 BNB = 10M WWC
  • Token Contract:0x678fa6f070681607d19333babac7f68c31d16003
  • Token Sale Contract:0x69a789099c1d916a01BEaEBA745f9B84FCeFca1d

World Wide Coin

World Wide Coin (WWC) Token launched on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform and fully comply with BEP20* standard.
Support of this standard guarantees security and the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listing, etc.) and provides easy integration

Allocation of funds

  • %60 Liquidity Pool
  • %20 Development Reserve
  • %15 Marketing & sales
  • %5 Management & Operation
General description

World Wide Coin marketplace will be launched in a currency sale the price of 5.000.000 WWC per BNB, a mechanism intended to fund the World Wide Coin (WWC) organization, and pay for development that has been used with success by other platforms, Earlier buyers will benefit from larger discounts. The BNB received from the sale will used entirely to pay salaries and bounties to developers and invested into various for-profit and non-profit projects in the World Wide Coin (WWC) ecosystem.

MXC Exchange



Frequency Asked Questions

We are now in pre-sale, you can directly send BNB from any BEP20 supported wallet (i.e TrustWallet, Metamask) to World Wide Coin (WWC) Token secure smart contract adress, upon the funds being received in the World Wide Coin wallet World Wide Coin smart contract will immediately convert the BNB value (at the pre-sale discount stage discount), and send the corresponding amount of World Wide Coin (WWC) to the your wallet, All sales transact in BNB and please DO NOT SEND from your exchange wallet, Please use TrustWallet, Metamask or any BEP20 supported wallet.

  1. Copy World Wide Coin’s BEP-20 Smart Contract Address.
  2. Go to your BEP-20 BSC supported wallet (such as TrustWallet, Metamask)
  3. Paste World Wide Coin’s Smart Contract address to recipient address.
  4. Set the BNB amount you want to participate in pre-sale
  5. Set Gas Limit 200.000 or higher (your transaction will fail if your Gas fee is too low)
  6. Approve the transaction.

No, You Can’t Get Your Token If You Send!

Yes, you can After Sales

You Need To Add Token


  1. Open your in-app browser
  2. Search CoinGecko
  3. Search for your custom token
  4. Scroll down and retrieve the token’s contract address
  5. Click the MetaMask fox logo
  6. Select “Add Token.”
  7. Your custom token should appear in your wallet alongside your other tokens.
  8. Token Contract:0x678fa6f070681607d19333babac7f68c31d16003

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Awesome Team

Jerry Jey
Albert Davis
Blockchain Expert
James Gough
Sam Tolder
UI/UX Designer



Leslie Jackson
Token Economy

Advising on develop the Token and Token Economy model.

Matthew Hughes
ITO Advisor

Advising on go-to-market strategy




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